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Microsoft Сȵ Office 2010

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Microsoft Сȵ Office 2010


ëͿԴ͵ѻҹ Դ͡öӡôǹŴشͿ Office 14 蹷ͺ شʷͧչ Ѻ Ѻ Ҩա˹͡ҳǧ觻áͧ 2010




ªشͿ Office 14 繪¡ҧ繷ҧâͧشͿ Microsoft Office ش ա˹Դҧ繷ҧ㹻 2010 㹪شͿҧѧѴԴ´ҡ Rajesh Jha âͧ Microsoft Office ˹㹷Ѳ ෤շ蹷ͺѺ դ¤֧ѹҡ ֧öԴ¶֧´ǡѺ蹷ͺ شҧѧѴѭ зӡ蹷ͺ㹻չ Ш͡ѹ㹻 2010 ж֧ ա駶դ׺˹ҧ÷ҧ N4G պ§ҹҺ·ǡѹѺ

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